Intimate Whitening

Vaginal Bleaching: A Guide to Lightening Your Lady Parts

A step-by-step guide to bleaching your vagina.

Intimate Whitening

Vaginal Bleaching: A Guide to Lightening Your Lady Parts

A step-by-step guide to bleaching your vagina.



Vaginal bleaching is now one of the most popular forms of skin lightening.

There are many reasons why someone might want to bleach their vagina and to each her own… vagina, that is. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of vaginal bleaching

How Vaginal Bleaching Works

Before we get too far, let’s clear one thing up. The term “vaginal bleaching” certainly sounds painful, and probably renders and image of throwing bleach between your legs. Thankfully, this process is not just spraying yourself with the same old harsh type of bleach you’d find in your laundry room. It actually refers to the use of approved products that naturally alter your skin tone. This term refers to lightening the pigment of your vaginal skin, using a handful of procedures we will note later.

Changes to the pigmentation of your vagina can happen because of hormonal changes after childbirth, aging, rubbing or chafing from tight underwear, even excessive sweating. Whatever the cause, you don’t have to live with your vaginal color if you don’t want to. You can choose not to accept the dark spots you see creeping up if you are not comfortable with it.

So, that said, the color of your vulva is the result of melanin production. Your body produces melanin naturally and regularly. If you really want to change the look of things, you will need something that inhibits melanin production. Vaginal bleaching creams do just that. They inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme which interferes with your body’s natural production of melanin. Over time, your skin stops producing as much melanin which means you get a tighter vagina.

There are three things you want to consider when deciding between at-home kits and professional salons.

Consider Which Type  of Bleach is Best For You

There are different types of vaginal bleaching treatments out there and you need to know which one you want before you decide whether to spend some quality time at home or go to a salon.

1. At Home Kit

Firstly, there are the do it yourself kits. Lots of products exist that you can use at home to bleach your intimate areas, but you want to know which ingredients to avoid. More on this in a moment.

Not everyone is comfortable letting a stranger do maintenance down under, which is why there are many at-home kits that you can use.

When you do this at home, you want to find a vaginal bleaching cream that combines a handful of melanin inhibitors so that you get the synergistic effect of multiple ingredients working together. You will enjoy good results from products with natural skin lightening ingredients like Kojic Dipalmitate (from rice) or Alpha Arbutin (from the Bearberry tree).

You will get better results if the cream you choose has a gentle and natural exfoliant because this removes dead skin cells and lets the lightening ingredients make their way deeper into your skin.

According to Dr. Michael Goodman, these bleaching treatments with exfoliants (or the laser treatments at a salon) will “cause shrinkage, a peeling off of the surface layer allowing lighter-colored skin to form underneath, or penetration into the dermis (the deep layer of the skin) to change the collagen and elastin content of this lower layer.”

Moisture is important too. Even the gentlest of creams or lotions can irritate this region since it has such sensitive skin. So find a cream with lots of soothing and hydrating ingredients. Oils like coconut oil and jojoba oil are great for this, as are additives such as Vitamin E, glycerin, and retinol. Retinol (Vitamin A) is not only a moisturizing agent but it improves discoloration.

Double whammy!

Check to make sure the cream or lotion you are using is meant for your intimate area. Lots of lightening or bleaching products are on the market, but not all of them are meant for the vagina. So look for the term “vaginal lightening” specifically.

Stay away from any product used in a salon or in a home kit that contains hydroquinone. This is a previously popular ingredient but one that has been scientifically linked to cancer, among other things. Find something with a safer alternative. Also avoid fragrances – they can exacerbate the irritation down there.

When you choose your product, make sure you read intimate bleaching cream reviews about the products you are considering. Testimonials play an important role in a decision of this magnitude. If other people had bad experiences with it, or allergic reactions to one of the ingredients, you are better off finding out ahead of time rather than after your vagina is burning or itching

2. Spa Based Treatment

There are spa based skin lightening treatments which run between $100 and $150 and require you to use an at-home solution too. The in-spa process takes about 20 minutes and you might have to reapply a handful of times depending on how dark your skin is and what color you want. Most professionals recommend you use these treatments for eight weeks.

Now then, if you choose to let a stranger dabble around your lady bits, look for someone you can trust. You don’t have to work with the first salon you find that offers vaginal bleaching. Find a professional place that won’t make you feel bad when you first walk in.

Let’s face it ladies, we have all experienced the Asian-run salon where we walk in wanting a manicure, feeling good about ourselves that day, only to have the older Asian woman look us up and down and state (as though it were fact, not a question), “You come for eyebrow and lip wax” then add to our rebut of only wanting a manicure that we “need pedicure too” as she clicks in disgust at our feet.

So, obviously don’t go to any salon where you are not treated with respect, professionalism, or confidentiality. This is the most private part of your body, and you want to walk away feeling confident and sexier than ever. Find someone who offers empathy and non-judgment.

Use the same investigation for salon products that you do with at home products. Don’t be afraid to ask the salons about the ingredients in their vaginal bleaching cream. You need to know what you are putting into or on your body in all cases, so ask to see the products. Ask them what ingredients are used and avoid any place that isn’t happy to show you.

3. Laser Treatment

There are laser and cryogenic bleaching treatments. These are the most expensive, but they are also the fastest way to get results. They can be incredibly painful and you will need a local anesthetic for weeks to come. Results are not always consistent and side effects (like all fast bleaching procedures) can include irritation or peeling.


You need to be comfortable with someone working on your most intimate areas. If this does not sound like something you can do, then maybe at-home kits are best.


You might be comfortable, but your bank account is not. Some spas charge between $100 and $150 per visit for intimate skin bleaching, and normally you have to go not just the once, but 6 or 7 times to complete the process. This doesn’t even cover any regular maintenance treatments you might need down the line. If this is far outside of your budget, consider an at-home treatment. Maybe even budget for one or two maintenance trips to a spa just to give everything a once-over if you want. If you are not comfortable doing things at home, then start saving.

What Results You Can Expect

Whether you are doing things at home or at the salon, it is important to know that results of vagina bleaching cream will vary for each person. The reason for this is that each person has a different shade, skin tone, and pigmentation. No salon can guarantee results exactly as you want them, the same way that no at-home kit can guarantee results.

Think of it like hair dying. You are going to start out with different natural or dyed shades, different roots, etc… So you might want a specific hair color, and choose either a salon or home based treatment, but the exact color you get in the end varies. The same thing happens with vaginal bleaching.

Understand this is not to say that bleaching won’t get you close to the color or shade or tone you want.

In the end, if you are ready to make this choice for you (not a spouse or significant other), then give in. Love your vulva. If you are not happy with the end result of a particular product, then stop using it. You can try another intimate lightening cream or visit a new salon. Your original color will come back eventually so all is not lost if you aren’t in love with the end result. Play around with different ingredients until you find something that not only brings you the color you want, but the softness and hydration that complements the lovely lady you are!

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