2018 Buyer's Guide

The 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Elderly Parents

Finding the Best Christmas Gifts for Your Elderly Parents is easier than you think. Here’s a rundown of our favorites.

2018 Buyer's Guide

The 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Elderly Parents

Finding the Best Christmas Gifts for Your Elderly Parents is easier than you think. Here’s a rundown of our favorites.



Buying a Christmas gift for your elderly parents can be pretty challenging. If you’re like me you probably find yourself in the rut – feeling like you get your mom and dad, or in-laws the same gifts every year. Not this year!

Let our top Christmas gifts for elderly parents list show you the best gifts to buy for 2016.

Think of us as Santa’s little helper – but you can take all the credit.

What to look for In Elderly Parent Christmas Gifts

Here are some top qualities to look for:

  • Thoughtful: I don’t know about you but I love hearing that I selected a thoughtful gift for someone. Carefully picking a gift that suits an individual’s taste or style can go a long way.
  • Helpful: Elderly people could use a little help, even if they don’t always accept it when offered. That’s why gifts are the perfect opportunity to give them something that will make their daily life easier or more convenient.
  • Easy to ship: The markup on shipping around the holidays drives me nuts. I have spent more on shipping that the actual gift more times than I’d like to admit. That’s why all the gifts we have reviewed have fast, free or very affordable shipping.
  • Useful: Getting a gift that will be used throughout the year is key in my book. That’s why were are not recommending any gifts that are holiday themed. When we say useful, we also mean something that your parents can use on a regular bases, daily or weekly ideally!

1. iRobot Roomba 6500 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Best Christmas Gifts For Elderly Parents

Talk about a helpful and useful gift for elderly parents. The Roomba provides a thorough clean on all floor types and easily picks up dust, large and small debris, and pet hair. Both self-docking and self-charging, this robotic vacuumed can be programed to fun 7 days a week – so you know this gift will keep on giving long after the holidays are over. At 3.6 inches tall, it is specifically designed to fit under most furniture. Additionally, it is fitted with smart responsive navigation technology – meaning it will learn the layout of the home and has sensors to avoid stairs and clutter.

What other users are saying:

  • Exceeded my expectations
  • Wow. Its so easy to use
  • My floors are always clean
  • You just put it in a room, and you let it go!
  • Our Roomba is here to stay
  • For a household that never finds time to vacuum Roomba is the answer

2. The Art of Aging

2016 Top Christmas Gifts For Elderly Parents

This beautiful book by painter and sculptor Alice and Richard Matzkin answers the question Can Age Bring Us More Happiness? – and the answer is yes. In 160 pages, The Art of Aging celebrates growing older though story, paintings, and sculptures. It is an inspiring exploration, not only for those in the later years, but for all people of all ages. This is a thoughtful Christmas gift that will be read, enjoyed, and find a permanent home as a coffee table book.

What other users are saying:

  • Gave me a new perspective on how to appreciate the process of growing old
  • Exposes the beauty and wisdom that comes with growing older
  • This is a book that everyone should read
  • Beautifully and lovingly written by this husband/wife team of artists
  • Delivers a positive message on aging and inspires

3. Keurig K45 Elite Single Cup Brewing System

Top Christmas Gifts For Elderly Parents For 2016

Renowned as one of the easiest machines for seniors to use, the Keurig K45 Elite Single Cup Brewing System is perfect for your elderly parents. It offers endless variety with its signature K Cups – including coffee, decaf, tea, hot chocolate and more. This little machine takes less than one minute to brew and because the cup slides right under the spout, there is no need to pour hot coffee into a cup. Potential crisis averted. It’s easy to clean and the water reservoir should last a good amount of time between refills. As an added this bonus this gift, will give you follow up gift ideas for a while. For Valentine’s day some breakfast blend coffee k-cups, their birthday – chamomile k-cups, and so on.

What other users are saying:

  • Whisper quiet machine
  • Love the ease and simplicity
  • Makes a terrific gift
  • It’s so easy to use and I love having less mess than a regular coffeemaker
  • It’s the best thing that has happened to me in quite a while

4. Lovarzi Cashmere GlovesBest Christmas Gifts For Elderly Parents

These unisex Lovarzi Cashmere Gloves are the perfect Christmas gift for your elderly parents for so many reason. First off they are so luxurious, made with 100% Cashmere from Scotland. Although marketed as Men’s gloves, our review concluded they were super stretchy and easy to get on and off for Women. This gift is sure to get daily use through the Fall, Winter, and Spring – depending on where you live, of course. Choose between grey and or blue – either way these gloves are sure to be hands down the best Christmas gift you give this year.

What other users are saying:

  • Very comfortable and warm
  • Nicest gloves I have ever worn
  • These stretch very nicely
  • Everyone at least once should own a pair of these gloves

5. TV Ears Original System

Gift For Christmas for Elderly Parents

There is a reason why the original is the best. TV Ears was the first voice clarifying headset system on the market and they have been leading that market since the beginning. If your elderly parents are a little hard of hearing, TV Ears can really help as they lower background noise and amplify speech. Imagine never having to be asked again – what did he just say? It’s easy to set up, simply attach the transmitter to the TV, satellite, cable box and you are good to go.

What other users are saying:

  • One partner can have the TV soft and the hard of hearing can wear this. Win win
  • They work perfectly
  • Simple to set up and truly makes listening to TV so much clearer
  • Hearing aid are no good for hearing the TV but these really work
  • Amazing customer service and support
  • Helped my parents hear their TV and it eliminated stress from having a loud TV

6. Microfiber Bathrobe by Boca Terry

Christmas Gifts For Elderly Parents For 2016

For the elderly mom, dad, or both, these plush microfiber and terrycloth bathrobes make a wonderful holiday gift. Great for lounging or post bathing, the Boca Robe comes with generous pockets and double belt loops for an adjustable best height. In 12 colors and only a 2 size options, you’re sure to choose a color they will love and a fit that will be just right.

What other users are saying:

  • The smoothest, silkiest bathrobe ever
  • Feels like you are at the spa
  • Such a great value
  • I ordered his and hers robes for my parents
  • Amazing quality and feel

7. Grandparent Talk

Best Christmas Gift For Elderly Parents

Our favorite stocking stuffer, Grandparent Talk is an energetic, portable, conversation game that your elderly parents can enjoy with the whole family. Diverse conversation cards make for entertaining and insightful dialogues between family members.

What other users are saying:

  • Great way to connect to grandparents
  • We have played for years and will continue
  • Fun way to learn things about your family that had never come up before
  • It brings a lot of laughter

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