2018 Buyer's Guide

Best Compression Socks for Large Calves

Here’s a list of the top compression socks for people with larger calves.

2018 Buyer's Guide

Best Compression Socks for Large Calves

Here’s a list of the top compression socks for people with larger calves.



Whether you suffer from diabetic foot problems, or edema, or are an athlete, you often experience leg soreness. And, indeed, compression socks are a great product for people who have trouble with their feet, be you a runner, a hiker, or just someone who is getting a little older.

To this end, we have compiled a list of 5 great compression, and we made a list especially for people with larger calves.

What to look for in the best Compression Socks For Large Calves:

  • Size: The first thing to consider is, of course, the size. If the sock is too small, then it will be most uncomfortable to wear. If, however, it is too big, it will not exert enough compression, and will slip off. Thus, you need to choose socks that are just right.
  • Level Of Pressure: Depending on what ales you, the level of compression, measured in mm Hg, is key to finding relief. Mild compression can keep you comfortable on your feet and provide circulation. Firm or graduated compression sock are better for medical needs.
  • Comfort: What material the sock are made out of will help determine if they will be comfortable for regular use. Questions to ask yourself – are they soft, are they breathable, do they wick away moisture?

And now, onto our picks.

1. CopperJoint Performance Compression Socks

Compression Socks For Large Calves Best

This unisex pair of CopperJoint Performace Socks is one of the most ubiquitous on the market today. They are viable for use by runners, nurses, pregnant women, athletes, hikers, diabetics, you name it. They are so good that the company making them offers your money back if they under perform, but they’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

The socks are made in mind to help people who spend a great deal of time on up and about, that is why the socks are infused with special anti-fatigue technology to remove soreness and other complications, like swelling and vein problems.

The socks are a snug fit, and their special yarn treating technology enables them to remove problems related to bad circulation. In addition, the socks are anti-odor and make sure to keep your feet dry, removing the possibility of the onset of athlete’s foot. The socks come with a thermal stabilizer in order to keep your feet warm at all times.

What other users are saying:

  • Very soft fabric and tight compression prevent soreness and swelling.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-odor fabric allows for extended use with minimal odors.
  • They do an amazing job at alleviating blood circulation problems.
  • Easily washable.

2. CompressionCure Medical Compression Socks

Best Compression Socks For Large Calves

These compression socks are just great. There’s no other way to go about it and no other way to say it. In fact, CompressionCure is so sure of their greatness, that they offer you money back or a new pair for free it they don’t perform.

The socks are specifically made to fix problems related to pain and swelling in the calves and feet from long standing or walking. The socks also are made to facilitate protection against abrasions and blisters from running and walking for long periods of time on uneven surfaces.

The socks are made meticulously for a very snug fit. This enables them to be extremely effective when it comes to doing what they do. This is the reason behind their great ability to prevent a wide variety of problems, such as spider veins, thrombosis, plantar fasciitis etc.

What other users are saying:

  • Very well made, soft and snug.
  • Alleviate pain and prevent it wonderfully.
  • Great for pregnant women who lead a more active lifestyle
  • The sole area is made extra thick.
  • They look fairly stylish.

3. Elite Compression Socks with the TRIANGLE of SUPPORT

Best Compression Socks For Large Calves Recovery

Just like other socks, Elite Compression Socks come with a money back guarantee. This only goes to show the confidence their makers have in them. That is no wonder, considering they are made of the greatest materials, and best technology to bring about a change in your feet you’ve been longing for.

The socks offer extra compression and support with a great fit and all natural design that help alleviate a number of conditions. While wearing these socks, you can kiss shin splits, fatigue, bad circulation, cramps, and other inconveniences goodbye!

Since the socks are made of breathable fabric, it is anti-odor and anti-moisture. This makes them a great addition for athletes and fitness-minded individuals, but it can be well used by people with medical conditions.

Customer’s thoughts:

  • High-quality fabric, soft and gentle on the feet, but still offer a great deal of compression.
  • Excellent at removing swelling and soreness of the feet and calves.
  • Excellent at alleviating vein related issues.
  • Improve blood flow significantly.
  • Anti-odor and anti-moisture make this pair great for running and hiking.

4. Best Compression Copper Socks

Best Large Calf Compression Socks

This wonderful pair of copper socks has got it all – it protects against injury, it helps with circulation problems and, on top of that is odor free and anti-bacterial, so you don-t have to worry about athletes foot ever again,

This last piece of information is very important because compression socks can get hot at times and your foot will sweat. However, this pair is made so that your foot can breathe. Even so, these provide a nice fit and a great deal of compression.

The compression is gentle and even in order not to impair the blood flow. This is achieved by putting Nylon and Spandex in the weave, so they stay firmly on your feet, but not too tightly. The special yarn absorbs moisture and preserves the dryness of the skin.

The fabric allows for oxygen to freely move to keep the joints and feet warm. The compression does a great deal of work removing the issues with circulation, soreness in the muscles and plantar fasciitis.

What other users are saying:

  • Great fit, very soft and snug.
  • They do an excellent job with people who suffer from bad blood flow and warm up the feet nicely.
  • Does a great job with people with Restless Leg Syndrome.
  • Alleviates symptoms of neuropathy.
  • Alleviates swelling and vein issues.

5. Blitzu Compression Socks

Compression Socks For Large Calves Blitzu

We finish our list with these Blitzu Compression Socks. Like all the others, you are guaranteed satisfaction, and if not, you can get your money back. However, we are sure you won’t need a refund, because these are one of the best compression socks on the market.

They are designed for everyday us, so the fabric is well made, durable and soft. It is also anti-odor and moisture resistant, so that your foot stays dry eve after prolonged use. They are made of Power+ Premium Performance Fabric that is a snug fit over your feet, and provide great deal of compression.

The Blitzu Kineso Tape design offer a great feeling that can be compared to full-blown kinesotherapy on your feet. This ensures that your feet will stay worm and well supplied with blood. The socks offer great support of feet and ankles, removing soreness, fatigue and swelling.

What other users are saying:

  • Wonderfully made, tight and snug.
  • Soft fabric makes them very friendly toward your feet
  • Great for runners and hikers; great of athletes overall.
  • Provide great support of the foot, effectively removing swelling and soreness in the muscles.
  • Great for everyday use, help alleviate circulation problems.


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